• 1. What fees does the platform charge?
    There is only one type of fee that we charge - for withdrawals. It is 10% by default, but can be reduced by 8% - to only 2%. Commissions of payment systems when sending payments to investors are paid by the platform. More information here.
  • 2. How can I reduce my withdrawal fee?
    The commission can be reduced in two ways:

    1. 1. By increasing your personal trading turnover (by making purchases and sales in the order book) - every $ 10,000 of your trading turnover will automatically reduce the commission for withdrawing funds by 1% (but not more than by 5% maximum)
    2. 2. By attracting more partners through your referral link: when your partners deposits exceed $ 10,000, the withdrawal commission for you will decrease by 1%, when partners invest more than $ 30,000 - the commission will decrease by another 1%, finally, when the investment volume your affiliate network (on all 3 levels) will exceed $ 50,000, the commission for withdrawing funds for you will become even lower by 1%.

    Thus, the maximum withdrawal commission can be reduced by 8% - to only 2%.
  • 3. How quickly are funds withdrawn?
    The time limit for processing withdrawal requests is 1 business day (that is, a withdrawal requested on Friday evening can be processed on Monday evening).
    If you have the Gold Partner status on your account, payments for you will be instant (if technically possible in the chosen direction). More information about the Gold Partner status can be found here.
  • 4. Do you have an Affiliate Program?
    Yes, we offer 2 types of affiliate income:

    1. 1. You will receive 5% of direct investments of your partners of the 1st level, they will be automatically credited to your account balance after the partner makes a new deposit.
    2. 2. In addition, you will receive interest from the trade turnover of your structure at 3 levels deep: 0.3% of the turnover at the 1st level, 0.2% of the turnover at the 2nd level and 0.1% of the turnover at the 3rd level. This type of affiliate reward is credited once a week on the day of your registration (if you were registered on Wednesday, then you will also receive affiliate income for the turnover of the structure on Wednesdays).
  • 5. Are there any restrictions on the withdrawal of the body of the deposit?
    The withdrawal of affiliate income is available without any restrictions (you can withdraw it without even having your own deposits), however, in order to be able to withdraw the body of your own deposit, it is necessary that the trading volume exceeds the amount of invested (deposited from outside) funds by at least 10%.
    Example: you replenished your balance with $ 1000 and received an affiliate income of $ 50 - you can ask to withdraw the affiliate profit immediately, and to withdraw $ 1000 you will need to make transactions through the Order Book for at least $ 1100.
  • 6. What will happen after you release all the planned 10,000,000 coins?
    After the full emission of the planned volume of coins occurs within the platform, the StockerCoins (released by smart contract) will be physically distributed among the participants in proportion to the number of SC in the balance sheet. Then the platform will go to a new level of development, which includes an update of the concept and access to decentralized and centralized stock exchanges.

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